botanical gardens





How beautiful is this?! 

I was lucky enough to attend a glass exhibit, at the desert botanical gardens. So thank you! for that.

I wanted to show the pictures first, because I think in this case It’s a lot more enjoyable to look at art then to just discuss it. So I decided I would show you it, and tell you why art is important, and why art in the botanical garden is even better!


For one, nature is key to happiness! when the sun is shining and you can smell the flowers, you’re pretty cherry, right! I feel like living in Arizona, anytime we see something really green, were like “woooooowww, that beautiful!”, because we’re so used to blaring heat and vast desert. So the botanical gardens is a really beautiful place you can visit anytime, and appreciate all the nature you don’t see on a daily basis. So visit, and I promise you will leave happier!


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