I wrote recently about how the holidays throw us off as people. We just get whacko! and this morning I saw that come to fruition, when I walked outside to see my car, his name is Charlie, beat to shit. He is a 2001 honda, that was a victim of robbery. His poor window was smashed to bits, and his antennae was stolen. The asshole that hurt him, also broke my car door, so now I climb in through the passenger door. it is not pretty. But I decided, I am truly not mad. Obviously, I am sad my poor charlie is broken, but how desperate was this person who broke into MY car, outside MY house, to steal an antennae and bag of clothes? I pity the person who took it, because something pushed them to rob a strangers car, and although it’s just a small act, it is not guiltless. They will forever harbor the “knowing” that they did something so negative to a random stranger, with no cause. I don’t know if it’s just me, but that would be on my conscience. 


I just wanted to show you guys I guess, that although bad things happen to good people, especially during the holidays, to remember that some peoples lives are so desperate they have to act badly to survive, and I am sure that these acts, such as car robbery, or trampling people on black friday, do not go unnoticed in their subconscious mind. And that is enough for me to accept. I hope it is for you too. 


The holidays are about loving, and giving, and being thankful. So be thankful it wasn’t worse, use it as a reason to give back to those people whose lives are that desperate, and love them, because they might not have a lot of that in their life. 


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