“blog 3”

In my own life experiences I have felt stifled, thriving, purpose, mastery, and autonomy. More than not, it was recently. My work gives me a lot of purpose. I feel like work helps me grow and learn in my own skills, something I have never felt from previous jobs. I have also felt autonomy in my workplace. Recently, I have been given more responsibility at work. However, I was given a project, just to myself with little to no supervision. And i did amazing ! It was one of my best pieces and will surely be the front of my portfolio. I have not felt mastery but I feel I am coming close to it in my individual skills that allow me to create and express myself. 

I was stifled in my previous job. Every move I made was repetitive and controlled and highly judged. Even if I was doing exactly what they asked I was doing it wrong. I was below them. It was the main reason why I quit and why it was the worst job i have ever had.


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